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How to Keep Vinyl Clean

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Vinyl is one of the most popular and cost effective car interior materials on the market today. Glove boxes and dashboards are often made out of vinyl, and sometimes car seats are too. And with some care and maintenance, your vinyl could last you quite awhile. Here are a few tips from the car seat… Read more »

Happy New Year from The Seat Fixer!

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Are you making any New Year’s resolutions yet? The Seat Fixer has a suggestion on what to add to your resolutions list for 2014. If your car’s interior or boat’s interior is in need of some TLC, why not get an estimate from The Seat Fixer to get it repaired! Here’s a rundown of the… Read more »

Riding in Style with an Intact Car Seat Upholstery

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Whether you’re restoring an older car or have issues with your current automobile, car upholstery repair can provide a host of benefits. Instead of trying to complete the repairs yourself, give The SeatFixerMN a call. The type of repairs I make are seamless. They keep the original look of the car intact, while providing dramatic… Read more »