Car Seat Restoration St Bonifacius

If your car’s interior looks like it has seen better days, or if you just noticed an unsightly tear in your brand new leather seats, then it’s time to call The SeatFixer for help! I offer car seat restoration in St Bonifacius and the surrounding areas, and I can get your car’s upholstery looking as good as new – or as close to it as possible!

Car seat restoration services include:

  • Burns as a result of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and more
  • Leather that is worn out, scratched or stained
  • Vinyl that is split, including arm rests, seat side panels and more
  • Door panels that are scratched or discolored
  • Automotive headliners that have been soiled or stained, as well as cleaning
  • Hard plastic and vinyl that has scratches or screw holes
  • Leather, plastic and vinyl that needs cleaning, repair or re-coloring
  • Stain removal

More about Car Seat Restoration

Your car’s interior can sustain damage without you even realizing it. Over the course of a normal week, many different people and items can come into contact with your car seats. And it is easy for those seats to get damaged or torn.

Car Seat Restoration St BonifaciusThat’s why car seat restoration is so important! I can get your car’s seats and the rest of the interior looking great with minimal disruption to your normal routine.

I can come to you and tackle the car seat restoration while you are busy taking care of other tasks. I work quickly and efficiently but without cutting any corners or sacrificing the excellent work I am known for. My reputation for high quality service precedes me, and my customers know they can come to me any time they need help with their car seat restoration needs.

Call to find out even more! You will be put on the car seat restoration schedule as soon as possible and soon enough, you car interior and seats will look their best again.

Professional Car Seat Restoration

Would you like to learn more about professional car seat restoration in St Bonifacius and the surrounding areas? Call The SeatFixer at 612-590-7870, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.