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Car Interior Repair: Patchwork or Professional?

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No matter how careful you are in taking care of your vehicle, sooner or later you’re going to need some type of car interior repair. You might be careful yourself most of the time, but you may have a guest that causes a cigarette burn, or when loading a box of stuff to take to your local charity auction, something scratches the door panel or pokes a hole in the seat.

Vinyl, leather, and cloth materials all can be torn or punctured. Even under normal conditions they can become stained and discolored, or start to show signs of wear. Vinyl and plastic materials can be easily scratched and they become brittle and develop cracks.

You can find cleaning and treatment products at automotive supply stores that you can use for routine cleaning and to prolong the life of vinyl and leather materials. But when you are faced with severe staining or actual damage to the inside of your car, you are usually much better off to seek the services of a car interior repair specialist. They have the materials, tools, and skills to do a proper repair.

If you are the type to do your own repairs, something like replacing a matching arm rest that you obtained from a dealer or salvage yard, can probably be accomplished by yourself as well as anyone. But, if your repair involves paint or fabric, you’re going to be better off having it done by an experienced technician.

Although there are kits available that you could use, the results vary with the quality of the kit material and the skill of the person using them. It takes considerable experience for the average car owner to become skilled enough to do a good repair. Very often, the attempted repair makes the damaged area larger and costs more to repair when you finally take it to the expert.

Many do-it-yourself repair attempts wind up with results that look like a patchwork repair job. On the other hand, most repairs done by a car interior repair specialist are completely unnoticeable.