Auto Upholstery Repair Plymouth

If you are in need of auto upholstery repair in Plymouth, contact The SeatFixerMN! The interior of cars and trucks go through a lot of wear and tear over the years. What starts as a small tear can easily turn into a much larger one. But no matter how big or small the tear, The SeatFixerMN can help! I repair:

  • Cigarette and other types of burns
  • Stains or scratches in leather
  • Scratches and discoloration of door panels
  • Scratches in plastic or vinyl
  • Stained or soiled headliners
  • Plastic, vinyl and leather that needs to be cleaned or re-colored
  • Split vinyl
  • Stained and soiled cloth
  • And more!

I have been in this line of business for a long time, so there is not much I have not seen or repaired. I am one of the best at auto upholstery repair in this area, so why not give me a call to see how I can get your car’s interior looking like new again?

More about Auto Upholstery Repair

I pride myself on my quality and detailed work, and I also take pride in my customer service. Getting auto upholstery repair done to your car can help to increase its resale value! Plus, repairs to the upholstery can make driving your car around more pleasant for you and your passengers. My prices are fair and reasonable, I do quick and thorough work and you will be happy with the auto upholstery repair work I do for you. I am open Monday through Friday, and I can even work on your car’s interior on Saturdays by appointment.

Want More Information?

For more information on auto upholstery repair in Plymouth, call The SeatFixerMN at 612-590-7870 or contact me for a Free Estimate.