Auto Interior Repair Minnetonka

We do auto interior repairs, and we do it well.

The SeatFixer staff has the latest training, technology and workmanship and experience to meet your standards and quality, while quickly taking care of your needs.

Car Interior Repair Services

Your auto’s interior is going to take some wear and tear. And since life happens faster than you can blink, you might not have the time to clean out your car on a regular basis. If your seats have taken spills and burns, let us make them look brand news.

We commonly repair and/or remove:

  • Cigarette burns
  • Leather – Worn, Scratched and/or Stained
  • Vinyl Splits
  • Discolored/Scratched Door Panels
  • Soiled/Stained Auto Headliners
  • Scratches/Screw Holes in Hard Plastic/Vinyl
  • Stains

Why SeatFixer?

We can help you get your vehicle looking the way you want. We take pride and pay personal attention to everything we do. We have been providing professional auto and boat interior repair and restoration for many years, and have the experience to do the job right.

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