Upholstery Projects You Can Tackle this Summer

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Spring and summer is a great time to tackle all of the projects you’ve been putting off. It’s also a great time to tackle the projects that are the most fun; as the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy them. Many of these most enjoyable projects involve the beloved automobile. After all, summer is when we take our cars out, drop the top and take a nice Sunday drive. Whether you’re planning on restoring an older, vintage car or are having issues with your current automobile, car upholstery repair can provide many great benefits; aesthetically and practically. As the experts in car upholstery repair for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, we’d like to discuss the benefits of tackling upholstery repair this summer.

Car Upholstery Repair Minneapolis

Although car upholstery repair is no do-it-yourself project, it’s still a great project to tackle during the warmer months. After all, it will allow you to enjoy your automobile to the fullest! If your car is starting to show age, car upholstery repair is a great way to breathe new life into it.

Rips, tears and staining are inevitable. But, it doesn’t mean they have to permanently effect the look of your car. The SeatFixerMN can get you riding in style again with some simple repairs this summer. And, he can travel to you, so having car upholstery repair is easy! Make an appointment today and you’ll be enjoying a Sunday drive in no time!

Been dreaming of restoring that classic car? Summer is a great time to do so! When you’re finishing up the mechanics and putting on that fresh coat of paint, it’s also time to schedule professional car upholstery repair. This will help you get the beautifully restored car you’ve been looking forward to driving around in. Consider having any and all of minor upholstery problems repaired by The SeatFixerMN. These repairs will help keep the integrity of the original upholstery, and it will look like new.

How about your car’s headliner? Is it soiled or cigarette burnt? The SeatFixerMN is able to restore your car’s current headliner, along with other repairs. The process is best left to the professionals to ensure you’re getting the best work possible.

And the door panels? The SeatFixerMN can take care of those this summer too! Repairing any damage to your door panels right away can save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Ready to schedule your car upholstery repair in Minneapolis? Give the SeatFixerMN a call today at 612-590-7870 or request a free estimate online.


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