Collector Car or Not, Maintaining Your Car’s Interior is Essential

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Did you know that July 14th is Collector Car Appreciation day? Whether you have a collector car or not, a nice-looking car interior illustrates that you care about your car. Whether it is a new, old, classic or used car, it does not matter. All car interiors can be maintained at a high standard to help keep it looking like it did the day it was bought.automotive interior repair

So, in honor of this car holiday, we thought we would take a moment to discuss automotive interior repair and care. The SeatFixerMN specializes in automotive interior repair for Excelsior and the surrounding areas and has some professional tips that can help keep your car looking its best this summer.

With family road trips and trips to the beach, things, of course, do happen. You can easily puncture or tear any type of interior fabric on any given day, or someone can lose their grip on their red cherry ice pop the moment you let your guard down. The key to success for any type of automotive interior repair is to have the blemish tended to as soon as possible. By cleaning it up ASAP or taking to the SeatFixer as soon as you can, you can ensure it largely undetectable, either through a camouflaging or a simple repair requiring few stitches.

DIY can sometimes be an option. These tend to come out poorly because a lot of do-it-yourself kits are lackluster, and, if you don’t have any experience with automotive interior repair, it can be a disaster. So, if your level of care and concern for your vehicle is high, call in a professional like us at SeatFixerMN for your important automotive interior repair. We specialize in repairing interior fabrics in cars, because we know how important the appearance your car is to you. Also, if you try to tackle repairs yourself, there is the possibility that you can create additional damage. Then, you are left with having to take it to an artisan to carry out the automotive interior repair anyway. Save yourself the time and the trouble, take your damaged interior to SeatFixerMN.

When a spill occurs, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. This might not be easy if you’re driving down the road, but pull over as soon as possible to wipe the mess up from your upholstery. Dilute the spilled liquid with cold water and then use a clean cloth or clean paper towel to blot up the excess liquid. And, if your car has leather interior, be sure to dry the leather thoroughly after you have used water to clean it up.

Does your dog love going on summer drives as much as you do? When driving around with your dog, put a blanket across the car’s backseat if you don’t normally put your dog in a crate while travelling. This will help keep your car hair-free and will also help avoid tears in the cloth or leather from the dog’s nails or teeth. But, if tears do occur, it’s time for automotive interior repair from the experts.

Are you ready to learn more about automotive interior repair for your Excelsior area automobile? Please visit the SeatFixerMN website or call at (612)-590-7870 to Request a Free Estimate.


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