Steps to Protect Your Leather Car Seats

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If you recently bought a car featuring beautiful leather seats, then you probably want to keep them looking their best. After all, a new car is a big investment for most people, so you want to make sure it looks great for years to come. There are many steps you can take to protect your leather seats. And, as leather seat repair experts for St Paul and surrounding areas, we have a few tips to help keep them looking good as new. And, when a tear, rip or stain does occur, trust The SeatFixerMN for any of your leather seat repair needs. Myron Karki, aka “The SeatFixer” has the tools and know-how to perform your leather seat repair right the first time.


1. Vacuum

Regularly vacuum any loose dirt, dust and debris from your leather seats. Only use an attachment with soft bristles to protect the leather and help get down into the cracks. Keeping debris off your seats helps reduce wear and tear, avoiding the need for leather seat repair down the line. After all, the tiniest pebble could become the jagged edge that puts small tears in your seat over time.

2. Clean

Leather seats need to be cleaned before they are conditioned. Clean your leather seats with a damp towel or leather cleaner, making sure to NEVER use harsh soap or cheap leather cleaner made from glossing agents, petroleum solvents or silicone oils. These products may actually damage your leather. So, give your seats a good gentle clean and avoid leather seat repair in the long run. And, when selecting the best leather cleaner, you should keep in mind that vinyl cleaners are different than leather cleaners. If you use a vinyl cleaner on a leather seat, your leather might get damaged and it will look too shiny. You want your leather seats to have a more low-gloss look.

3. Condition

After you’ve gently cleaned your leather seats, use a leather conditioner and applicator to condition them. And remember, only use high quality, water based, PH-balanced conditioner and avoid any cheap, damaging conditioners. But, if you find your seats have experienced damaging cleaning and conditioning practices in the past, trust The SeatFixerMN to pinpoint the issue, perform any leather seat repair, and have them looking their best in no time.
If anything is spilled on your leather seats, make sure the mess is cleaned up immediately. Remember that most of the time, tears and rips need to be repaired by a professional who specializes in leather seat repair, like The SeatFixer.

So don’t put off the care of your leather seats any longer, call The SeatFixerMN today!

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