Caring for Your Car’s Upholstery

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Most of us know all too well that sickening feeling that comes with finding or causing the very first blemish in our new car’s interior. But, there is hope! The SeatFixerMN specializes in upholstery repair in Hutchinson and the surrounding areas, helping you keep that car interior looking its best for years to come. From a small tear, to cigarette burns to stains; our job is to make your upholstery’s flaw a thing of the past.

Upholstery repair is important. After all, a car’s interior says a lot about the owner and how well they take care of their car in general. And, if you want to resell your car at some point, the shape of the upholstery can even influence how much you can sell it for. But remember, whatever size your upholstery repair needs may be; only trust the professionals! A shoddy or amateurish job can produce results even worse than the original blemish.

If you recently bought a new or vintage car, then you are likely not only interested in upholstery repair but how to protect your new purchase from wear and tear. Keeping the inside of your car spic-and-span is just important as exterior maintenance. That’s why our experts at SeatFixerMN have come up with tips to keep your upholstery looking its best.

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upholstery repair








Leather upholstery
If you spill liquid on your leather upholstery, wipe it up right away, using water if necessary. Then, dry them thoroughly. If your seats have perforated areas, take extra care not to get water, cleanser or conditioner stuck down into the holes. Regularly clean and vacuum your seats but use extreme care so you don’t scratch the leather. If you find a tear, seek professional upholstery repair immediately.

Vinyl upholstery

Clean it with a damp rag and baking soda. Be sure to rinse the mixture off completely with water and dish soap. Vinyl can become stiff if you use mineral or oil based cleaners causing tears and additional upholstery repair.

Cloth upholstery
Try to avoid eating and drinking in your car. But, if you spill something take the time to clean it up. And, if you use stain removal products, make sure to test it in a small, inconspicuous area. Also, vacuum regularly.

All upholstery
Park your car in a shaded area if possible to avoid fading. Also, if you allow pets into your car, put a blanket down on the seat to protect from hairs and tears.

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