Be Wary of Burns, Stains and Tears on Your Car Seats

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Car seats that are in a bad way can be a total nuisance. If you are trying to dazzle that new lady friend with your fancy car and she hops into said auto only to find your seats littered with cigarette burns, coffee or soda spills, good luck! There is hope in advance of your date, get a hold of SeatFixerMN for your emergent car seat repair needs in your St Bonifacius and surrounding areas auto to take care of burn holes and stains!

Put through the rigors on the regular, your car or truck seats face quite a bit: your family and friendly passengers, pets, spills, stains, burns—you name it. Damage to the interior of your car and your car seats are just a fact of life in the ownership of an automobile.

Sure, you can buy car seat repair kits, but buyer beware! Unless that repair need is tiny in nature, you do not want to use these—without being a master in the trade. Frequently, you will make the already existing problem substantially worse. Then you will have to shell out even more of your hard-earned money to fix the damage you did to that which already existed!

Car seat repair is much more difficult than it appears. A small tear does not come across as intimidating—until you find yourself trying to administer the repair yourself only to fail it and your car. Tears and stains will get worse off over time, if not dealt with shortly after they occur. SeatFixerMN offers a very valuable service that can ultimately save the day when it comes to the eventual sale of your automobile. Tears and stains decrease your car’s value. Take the time to have car seat repair implemented on your auto.

You will want to be as mindful as is possible when it comes to caring for your car seats—don’t allow burns or spills to land upon them in the first place! If your car’s upholstery is damaged, the resale value will plummet.

Follow these suggestions on how to take care of your car seats and eliminate car seat repair needs:

  • Should you spill a drink on car seats, clean it up right away. This is not easy if you are on the road, but really, pull over and get it cleared away. Saturate the would-be stain with cold water and use a clean cloth or clean paper towel to sop up the excess liquid.
  • If you spill water or another liquid on a leather car seat, wipe it up right away. This is oddly even more the case if your car seat is cloth-based. Dry your leather car seats thoroughly after a spill or after you used water to clean up a mess.
  • For vinyl automotive upholstery, you can clean it with a damp rag and baking soda. Just be sure to rinse the mixture off with water and dish soap. Vinyl can become stiff if you use mineral- or oil-based cleaners, so avoid those two types of cleaning agents.
  • When driving around with your dog, put a blanket across the car’s backseat if you don’t normally put your dog in a crate while travelling. This will help keep your automotive upholstery hair-free and will also help avoid tears in the cloth or leather from the dog’s nails or teeth.

For more information on car seat repair in St Bonifacius, call SeatFixerMN at 612-590-7870 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

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