Tips on How to Avoid Car Upholstery Repair

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Keeping the inside of your car looking good is just as important as keeping its outside looking good. If you want to resell your car at some point, the shape of the interior can influence how much you can sell it for. The SeatFixer specializes in car upholstery repair in Orono and the surrounding areas, and here are a few tips on how to keep your car upholstery looking its best.

If possible, try to avoid eating and drinking while in your car. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. But if you can keep yourself and other from possibly spilling something on your car seats, you might be able to avoid car upholstery repair like professional stain removal and other problems like that.

During the winter months or during months when it’s particularly muddy outside, knock your shoes free of snow and mud before you get into your car. You could even keep a spare pair of clean shoes in your car so you don’t track mud and dirt onto your car’s floor or seats if you wanted to. Just make sure those shoes are comfortable and safe to drive in.

When you spill something in you car, take the time to clean it up. Use the same type of spot removal techniques on your car seats that you would on carpeting in your home. If you use a stain removal product, make sure to test it in a small and inconspicuous area before you use it anywhere else. Be sure to blot the spill up with a white cloth and make sure you avoid rubbing or scrubbing at the spill.

Make it a point to clean the inside and outside of your car on a regular basis. Even if you can only get to it once a month, that is better than never at all! When cleaning your car’s interior, be careful when you spray any cleaning products, and be sure to test cleaning products before you use them to make sure they do not not bleach any part of your car’s interior or cause any problems. Make sure you do not use any cleaners, appearance enhancers or conditioners that are silicone-based on your car’s interior either. If you use anything silicone-based, that could damage your car upholstery and other parts.

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