Happy New Year from The Seat Fixer!

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Are you making any New Year’s resolutions yet? The Seat Fixer has a suggestion on what to add to your resolutions list for 2014. If your car’s interior or boat’s interior is in need of some TLC, why not get an estimate from The Seat Fixer to get it repaired! Here’s a rundown of the upholstery repair services I offer and what I can do to get your car’s or boat’s interior back in tip-top shape.

For boats, some of the most common things I fix are burns, scratches, tears, fading, cracks, stains, holes and scratches in the seats and upholstery. You can get your boat warm-weather-ready by getting an estimate from The Seat Fixer! For cars, some common fixes are burns; dirty plastic, vinyl or leather; scratches and screw holes in plastic and vinyl; leather that is worn, scratched or stained; discoloration and scratches on the door panels; splits in vinyl; automotive headliners that are stained and soiled and more.

You might be tempted to try to fix these problems on your own – sort of a New Year DIY project. I highly recommend that you don’t attempt these repairs yourself! Often times, you can make the problem worse. I’m an expert in this field, so I know exactly how to address every problem and repair that comes my way. The techniques I use to make these repairs are unique, and some of the car upholstery repair kits that are on the market these days are not that great. If you’re concerned about your car’s or boat’s aesthetics, you really should contact a specialist like me. That way, you know the repairs will be done properly (so they last a long time) and you will know your car’s or boat’s interior will look brand-new.

Call The Seat Fixer today at (612) 590-7870 or contact me online for a free estimate.

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