Riding in Style with an Intact Car Seat Upholstery

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Whether you’re restoring an older car or have issues with your current automobile, car upholstery repair can provide a host of benefits. Instead of trying to complete the repairs yourself, give The SeatFixerMN a call. The type of repairs I make are seamless. They keep the original look of the car intact, while providing dramatic improvements. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, like Excelsior, car upholstery repair can be the answer to your car upholstery woes.

Restoring Old Cars

Restoring an older car can be fun! It’s a project that keeps your hands busy and in the end, you get a pretty sweet car to ride around in. If the upholstery is just in need of a few repairs, you might save some time and money by not completely replacing the upholstery. It’s frivolous to make  unnecessary updates to the car you’re already working so hard on. Instead, consider having the minor problems repaired by The SeatFixer. These repairs will help keep the integrity of the original upholstery, and it will look like new!

Patching Up Everyday Use Cars

If your car is starting to show it’s age, car upholstery repair may be in order. Some rips, tears and staining are inevitable. A car with a little wear and tear is evidence the car has been loved. But, it doesn’t mean these have to be permanently displayed. I can get you riding in style again, with some simple repairs. I can travel to you, so having car upholstery repairs complete is easy! Make an appointment today.

In need of car upholstery repairs? Give us a call today at 612-590-7870 or request a free estimate online.

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