Boat Upholstery Repair: Why to Call an Expert

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If you find a tear, rip or burn in your boat’s upholstery, your first instinct may be to try to fix it yourself. As The SeatFixerMN, I advise you to steer away (no pun intended) from that option. While some of you may have experience repairing upholstery, I’m guessing others do not. Boat upholstery repair can get tricky. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, including Wayzata, boat upholstery repair may be the only way to save your boat’s interior. In this blog, I’m going to discuses some benefits for calling the professional, as opposed to do-it-yourself repairs.

The Damage

Your boat’s upholstery can be damaged in a variety of ways. Some of the most common damage I see is rips, tears, scratches, weathering, cracking and burns. A simple boat cover can prevent some of these from happening, but others cannot be avoided. If an accident occurs, don’t fret. Usually, I will be able to repair the damage.

The Repairs

If you’re trying a do-it-yourself repair, you will probably buy a kit from somewhere and follow the instructions that are included. These instructions may or may not be clear, which may result with a less than perfect seal. I have professional-grade equipment and products. These products will be professionally applied and are made to last.


I am an expert at boat upholstery repair and frequently perform these types of repairs. When you let me fix your boat’s upholstery, you can be assured you will be pleased with the results. If you try a do-it-yourself repair, you may not be satisfied with the outcome. Even if you do everything right, it will not have that professional touch.

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