Leather Car Seat Repair

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Let’s face it: leather car seats are cool. They add a distinct touch of class to any car. But, when leather seats get old and worn, they are considerably less admirable. Even if the seats are well taken care of, they can still discolor and crack over time. As your local Lake Minnetonka area car seat repair company, we can fix those seats for you whether they were taken care of or not. Rips and tears can be unsightly, but not a permanent problem. In this blog, we’ll explore some ways to prevent leather seat deterioration and what to do when they need repaired!

Regular Car Seat Cleaning

Gently cleaning your seats on a regular basis can help reduce the wear and tear. If you keep up with cleaning your seats, you may be able to keep stains from setting in and becoming permanent. To thoroughly clean your car seats, start by vacuuming between them and along the seams. This will help to get rid of built-up grime. Next, use a soft cloth to apply leather cleaner to your seats. If you have any stubborn stains, you may use a soft bristled brush to tackle them. Be careful, though, not to scratch the seats. Removing stains and discoloration right away can help preserve your leather seats for many years.

Car Seat Repair

At The SeatFixerMN, we know there comes a time in every car seat’s life where a tear, scratch or stain will occur. Some amount of wear and tear is bound to happen, especially if you frequently use your car. Choosing to have your car seats professionally repaired ensures a quality repair job. We will be able to match the color of your existing interior and expertly complete the repairs. Do-it-yourself kits may seem like a good option to you, but most times, they are not the best investment. You won’t even notice you had work done if you come to us!

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