Why Avoid DIY Auto Interior Repairs

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One of the jobs we recently finished up was repairing a leather motorcycle seat:

We love the way it turned out and you can’t tell that there used to be a rip. We’re also glad the owner brought it to us and did not try to repair it themselves. It would have made for a more difficult – and expensive – job had we needed to fix the original rip and the DIY repair efforts.

Unless you have vast experience with auto interior repairs, it’s not something you should take on as a project. Here are a few reasons why auto upholstery is best left in the hands of the professionals:

Less expensive to just bring it to us in the first place

We sometimes get projects that started off as a DIY effort. However, once the person realized they were not capable of doing the job properly, they brought it to us to be fixed. Unfortunately for them, they ended paying more than they would originally have as we had to repair the original damage AND the damage from their efforts.

It’s an art

Many of the DIY kits, books and articles out there don’t give any credit to the professionals who have worked very hard to master their craft. We know not only how to repair the upholstery, but  know if a seat frame is broken, if any foam needs replaced and if a seat cover doesn’t fit right.

The SeatFixerMN – like other auto upholsters out there – has the skills, tools and talent to get the job done right the FIRST time.

DIY projects often look like DIY projects

If you want the job to look like it was done by a professional, then you need to have it done by a professional. Otherwise, you risk having your efforts look like they were done by following directions found online.

Want a pro to repair your interior? Give us a call at (612) 590-7870 or Request a Free Estimate.

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